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Winter 3D Live Wallpaper

0.99 usd

Enjoy the cold winter days in this mountain chalet in the meantime it's snowing!A great animated live wallpaper in true 3D which you'll love during the cold winter days.
Features:3D scene!Sunrise and sunset based on the actual GPS location!SMS alert on mailbox!Real moon phase!Christmas lights on tree and on house!Turn on and turn off the light with a double tap!
Customizations:Show/hide objectsShow/Hide snowManually set the moon phaseSetting the type of flashing lights on tree and on houseSetting the color of the Christmas lightsManually set the phase of the day (day, night or sunset)
Permits required:Internet and GPS for the recovery of the position and the calculation of sunrise and sunsetReading and receiving sms to report the arrival of new messages on the mailbox
Do you have a problem? Just email our support team with the model of your phone or tablet and a description of the problem.